Prefabricated buildings or Modular structures are almost totally constructed off-site instead of building on-site. Modular construction is constructing a structure in smaller components known as modules, which are then brought to the construction site and put together.

Process of Prefabrication

  • Modules are constructed at the factory employing assembly-line and building technology, resulting in a fast and consistent procedure. Change orders and modifications are reduced in production due to the usage of exact modeling and construction.
  • Floors, Walls, doors, windows, and roofs are all built and installed before leaving the factory and wiring, plumbing, and ducting. Many modular buildings are now built with pre-installed fixtures and finishes before they leave the factory.
  • The modules are constructed and brought to the construction site on flatbed trucks, assembled in a preset order, with cranes used to lay the modules in position onto a pre-established foundation.
  • After the modules are in place, construction workers smoothly put them together to form a coherent structure.

Benefits of Prefabrication

High-speed execution

The combination of work on-site (earthworks and foundations) and industrial sites (panel prefabrication) results in a reasonably short overall project completion time.

Monolithic and Extremely strong

The structural performance of all vertical walls as deep beams, along with the plate effect of the slabs and the panel joining mechanism, gives the resulting structure high vertical strength and excellent horizontal stress resistance (earthquake).

Best Quality

Prefabricated industrialized production produces extremely high-quality finishes.


Labor costs are reduced due to the industrialization of processes (associated with both a lower number of hours and a lower cost per hour). The shorter the execution time, the more cost-effective the work is.


Conventional building projects, according to McKinsey, typically take 20% longer than expected and cost up to 80% more. On the other hand, construction companies gain from fixed rates and firm delivery dates in precast construction projects.